clinical practice & fee policy

professional fees:  $120.00/per hour

these professional fees are for general individual, couple and family counselling and related professional services.  professional fees are set in accordance with the recommended fee range for social workers in private practice established by the ontario association of social workers.  fees for specialized services may be higher and will be discussed at the outset of our work together.  fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.  the clinical services provided by a social worker are HST exempt.

cancellation policy

your appointment time is reserved for you.  if you need to cancel an appointment, 24 hours’ notice would be appreciated, wherever possible, understanding that emergencies and illness occur with little or no notice. if i need to cancel an appointment with you, 24 hours’ notice will be given wherever possible. 


i will make every attempt to respond to your telephone calls, email and text messages within one to two business days.  there may be circumstances that interfere with my ability to respond, including periods of vacation, emergencies, etc.  in these situations and wherever possible, we will work together to establish a back-up plan for your care.  please ensure that i have your current contact information and let me know if there is any reason i should NOT leave a message when i return your telephone call or text message. 

privacy of personal information

please refer to the privacy notice

payment options

payment for services is expected at the completion of each of your counselling sessions.  payment may be made by cash or cheque, in-person, through e.transfer or by direct billing to a third party.  an official receipt will be provided upon request.  there may be a charge for any NSF cheque.  failure to pay fees in a timely way may result in an interruption of service until payment has been received. 


the services provided to you are strictly confidential.  this means that i will not disclose information about you or your situation without your informed and written consent, except:

  • where i am required to do so by law (e.g. family court, criminal court)
  • when i have a legal obligation to report my suspicion that a minor child is at risk of neglect or abuse
  • if i am concerned that you may be at imminent risk of harm to yourself or others
  • when i am required by law to report professional misconduct by a colleague to the ontario college of social workers and social service workers (OCSWSSW), and/or
  • if i am required to defend myself against a complaint filed with the OCSWSSW

office hours

although i attempt to be responsive to your needs, i cannot provide 24-hour coverage.  as i may be unavailable to respond in a timely manner, voicemail, email and text messaging may not be reliable as an emergency form of communication. for emergencies, please see contact information for crisis and emergency resources, under the resources tab.

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